Other news for Parents and Students:

Gavit Parents: Back to School night will be September 17th from 5:30-7 pm.
Look for the PTSA table to join or get information on our new Fundraiser that supports our budget.

GAVIT Weekly NEWS the PTSA Newsletter is emailed weekly (except for holidays and summer) via Constant Contact. You will automatically be signed up by joining Gavit PTSA and including your email on the signup form.


Student membership:

Support your child and have your child be a part of Gavit PTSA.  Remember that $1 of your dues goes to the Gavit PTSA Scholarship Program.  Membership is $8.00 per person/student (download form here and return it to the PTSA box).

Juniors - Be sure to join PTSA this year so you will be eligible when you join your senior year for the $500 PTSA scholarship. You will then receive an application; Turn that in complete and on time and you could be a recipient. 

Form is here.

Computer LabComputer Lab Room TBA will be opening to all Gavit Students after Labor Day.  Lab hours are from 2:50 to 4:00 p.m. daily. You may use Plato Systems: jump start for ISTEP+/GQE; Internet: research; and Microsoft Office: document processing.


Visit the Together We Can web page to learn more about today's PTA.

Would you like to know when the web page is updated? We put a notice on Facebook every time it is updated so become a friend and keep in touch with updates!


Gavit is now on Facebook. Become a Fan and get quick updates.


Our next meeting will be November 10th 6:30 pm in the cafeteria, Door C. This is a change due to Nov 3 being the day we vote for our local mayor, and other local govermental positions. As Gavit is a designated voting location, we decided to meet on the 10th of November instead.
At this meeting we will be voting on our bylaws 2 motions, a quick amendment and the whole docuement as required by Indiana PTA. You may check the bylaws out here and a link will be placed on our ABOUT PTSA page for permenent viewing.

Our site has been updated and there is still some information that is not yet complete at this time. We will endeavor to keep updating regularly so you have the news you need.

PTSA News.

Our newsletter has been in hyatis for the summer. It is a perk for being a member of the Gavit PTSA. We are working to get information about school schedules, activities and club activities to be available each week. This news letter is usually sent out on Sunday evenings but no later than Monday. Sign up as a member of the PTSA. See below for details.

Do you have some ideas of what you would like the PTSA to do? Email your President Michelle Polk: president@gavitptsa.org to let her know! Click here for the full year meeting schedule.


Watch our Facebook page for quick updates! Click on the Facebook icon below. or go to www.facebook.com/GavitPTSA and like our page for updates and announcements.


The new membership year has started. It will now go from July 1st thru June 30th each year. Those whose cards say October 31st are still ok until that date, but to receive the benefits and extra values that National PTA offers, you will want to renew your membership now.

As stated above, Gavit has made the Weekly News email that includes the school schedule and other items of interest about Gavit and our students a perk of membership, so join soon to keep informed. Individual dues are $8. Teachers, staff, and family members who join more than one person at the same time will receive a discount of $1 thus dues will be $7.

You can always join through the link to the left for the form and then bring it to the school office. There are forms and envelops also available on the left side of the counter in the office.

Gavit HS/MS information:
FYI: you can access the following information by clicking on the name below:  
Dress code information  and several other pieces of important information such as the School improvement Plan, plus the schedule of classes, lunch menu and other necessary information by entering the Gavit High website and clicking on the Information link.
(Some of these files are in PDF form.  If you don't have Adobe Reader click on the link at the bottom of the page to get the free download)



Attention  High School Students!  

Upcoming SAT & ACT Test Dates!     More dates for the ACT and Sat can be found here. 

Contact Your Child's Teachers? 

You can contact your child’s teachers by email using Gavit’s web page.  Simply, go online to Gavit HS website and you click on the staff link that takes you to a full directory of all staff emails and extent ions. The list will be updated to the new school year shortly, but its accurate for most of the staff.

  If you are unable to contact them by email, please feel free to reach them by phone.  The number is 989-7328.  If the teacher is unavailable when you call please leave a message for them to call back.  

Volunteers are needed to assist with many activities. Show your children that you care - Call the school and volunteer today!

We all have important values and ideas — things we care about and want to share. This website is dedicated to the Parents, Teachers, and  Students of Donald E. Gavit Middle/High School. Please, share your ideas, values, and comments with the PTSA by either sending us an email or coming to our meetings.

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Gavit provides a a weekly Schedule to our president.
You can receive this by email by signing up for PTSA membership. Use the link to the left.  

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The objectives of the Donald E. Gavit PTSA, in common with those of the National PTA and the Indiana PTA, are: